Pit Bull Informational Pages
by Diane Jessup 

"The Trip"



"Easy On" Chains... Leu assured me she knew how to put these things on...

It is getting dark and we have two large passes ahead of us... Ok Leu, no pressure...


Chains are required on the pass bewteen Oregon and California... we were not sure why, there was only about an inch of snow. So, we took the chains off... only to find out that we would be driving in snow over another 4000 foot pass at Shasta for an hour...
Leu and I stopped at as many feedstores and pet stores as we could, just looking and for fun. At this feedstore near Tia's we discover that California is "sporting"! These are cockhouses for fighting cocks, sold right there at the feedstore. The people at the store thought we were idiots.
  A couple
My buddy the tiger. I wanted him. Wow, does he hate men...
Kris Crawford and search dog Dakota. Kris was kind enough to do some demos for me, and here Dakota alerts Kris that she has located a body part by barking. She will then lead her to it.
Katrina refugees waiting. Only one that I saw was unstable in temperament, the rest seemed friendly, and starved for attention. The red bitch in the middle sitting on her house ripped my heart out.
My training buddy and the person who drove my exhausted ass home... Heather Leu and Kris Craford with Kris' dogs. They are all great dogs. The little one in the middle is a kick! She made me laugh.
Three Amigoes. Tia and Kris are huddles against what they consider cold weather! I, of course, am in my "uniform", shorts and a t-shirt.

California - the Garden State - NOT!

Dirk doesn't care, he has fun anywhere he goes. Here we stopped to le the dogs run. Can I just say how boring the middle of California is?





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