Pit Bull Informational Pages
by Diane Jessup 

Understanding CORRECT pit bull conformation and WHY it is correct


Is your dog in proportion? The standard calls for the length of the front leg (measured from point of elbow to the ground) to be approximately equal to one-half of the dog's height at the withers. So, let's measure.

This young pup shows perfect equidistance between point of elbow and the ground, and point of elbow and top of shoulder. This is the correct proportion for a purebred American pit bull.

Another bitch showing good proportion.

This dog has very long legs which results in his proportions being off and notice how his too long hind legs place his paws behind the line as well?

This dog represents many of the structural problems which arise when the totally artificial "bulldog" build is a breeder's goal. While the picture angle does not allow a clear look, the dog's legs are far too short. There is nothing about the modern "show bulldog's" structure that is functional. Breeding "bully" dogs is breeding functionless dogs.



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