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Pit Bull Informational Pages
by Diane Jessup 

The "Sorrells" Line: The Backbone of the Boldog Pit Bull

I've seen a lot of pit bulls. I've owned quite a few. From "pet bulls" to "game bred", from "old school" to "new and improved", I took a look at every thing out there.

For me, for my values and goals, I need a dog which is first and foremost bombproof steady and friendly with people. That's Job One around here. Grip, tenacity, air physical soundness and courage come second.

I chose Boldog Dirk as my foundation dog. He is from the well known "Sorrells" line, his parents coming from Bert Sorrells yard. I'd like to showcase the types of dogs Dirk came from on this page.


Bert Sorrells has bred, sold and owned dogs which have been titled in the fighting pit for nearly forty years. The history of the American pit bull has included use in the dog pit, and this is something which must be understood by any breeder.

Understanding dog fighting's historical significance in our breed's formation and supporting dog fighting today are two very different things. It is time for our breed to rise above the illegal and depraved world of dog matching. Time for our dogs to rise above ownership by the criminal element who treat them with so little respect.

I am opposed to the matching of dogs and consider it a complete waste of a good dog. I hope to play some small part in helping this breed transition from its past to a proud future. He is so much more than a show dog, so much more than a gambler's disposable tool. He is a bulldog.

Bert states he based his line on this bitch: Tudor's Goldie. Her pedigree is Corcoran, Shipley and Feeley and while parts of her pedigree trace back over one hundred years, others end in "unknown", and imported dogs. A true performance bred animal.
Klaus' Zeke: his sire (Ch. Fitzwater's Goldie) was pure Heinzl and his dam was pure Carver. He is considered one of the greatest sires of all time.
Sorrells' Bull, ROM (Koehler's) was a half brother to Bolio, the dog behind the Patrick line of dogs. Bull earned ROM status by siring many champion offspring. He was sired by Klaus' Zeke and out of a Zeke daughter.
Sorrells' Johnny Walker Red was recorded as a two time pit winner. This son of Bull and Ch. Sorrell's Crazy Snookie shows the rednose influence of his maternal greatgrandfather, Wallace's Talking Boy. He is linebred on Klaus' Zeke.
"Hard Eyes", was proclaimed a "Grand Champion" fighting dog (meaning he had won at least 5 fights) and also a ROM (Register of Merit) for producing champion fighting stock.
Sorrells' Ch. Raisin is considered by some to be the best dog Bert bred. Raisin was a Gr. Ch. Sorrells' Shoshone, POR, who was out of Bull. His dam was a daughter of Gr, Ch. Sorrells' Hard Eyes, ROM out of a Bull daughter.

Gr. Ch. Sorrells' Roadblock sire was Bull, a Zeke son out of a Zeke daughter. Roadblock's dam was by Bull out of a Sorrells' Red Jerry, ROM daughter.
Ch. Sorrells' Joe Testiment was bred on the Ch. E. Crenshaw's Stu Fowler, ROM dog, a powerful producer owned at one time by Maurice Carver and Indian Sonny. He had an interesting pedigree: parts went back to imported dogs - but many parts were completely unknown.
Ch. Sorrells' Blue Monday, a nice dog who was pure Corvino blood.
Ch. Sorrells' Uncle Bud, ROM was a well known pit dog for Bert. This animal was tightly linebred on Sorrells' Red Jerry, ROM
Ch. Sorrells' Sailor represents pure Sorrell breeding with one outcrossed line to Ch. Davis' Chivo, ROM

Dirk's paternal grandfather, Sorrells' Mucho Deniro. A Sailor son bred to a Raisin daughter.
Dirk's mom, just a great little dog! This bitch was a game pulling dog.

The dog in Dirk's pedigree I am attempting to linebreed on is Uncle Bud.
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