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Boldog Hellboy
CGC, B, Tracking Dog III, AKC "TD", FH
1 leg ASCA CD and 1 leg AKC CD
DOB 01.02.05

Purebred but Unknown
Purebred but Unknown

When I was working at the Thurston County animal control, a man brought in a 7 week old tiger brindle pup for "being vicious". Seems this little bullpup would grab his daughter's sweater and not let go. Surprise! Surprise!

Because he was the same beautiful brindle color as my first beloved pit bull, "Dread", a member of the staff brought him in and placed him on my chest. Well, that was "all she wrote!" Hellboy went home with me forever.

Hellie developed into my first "generic" pit bull; he is a total cur. He wants no trouble with anyone, man or beast, and gets along with everybody and everything. He has insane toy drive, but is a pouty boy who wants to do everything his way. He hadn't the guts for schutzhund or weight pull, but did prove to be a talented tracker, so that is what we do. A very talented AKC obedience trainer friend of mine (Linda Rolf) worked with him in competitive obedience and the two of them really hit it off. She got a new pup to work so Hellie and I are going to carry on. On January 16th 2012 Hellie and I made our AKC obedience trial debut; it was the first time back in the AKC ring in 23 years! and the first AKC show for Hellie. We did pretty good, missing first place by one point but winning a run off to earn a nice 2nd place rosette and his first CD leg. Good boy, Hellie!

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