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Dirk's Titled Offspring:

Boldog Grim
CGC, B, SchH II,
GSDCA-WDA Western Regional SchH 1 Champion 2009
OFA Heart/Elbows Normal, CERF

DOB 09.01.06

Boldog FreakShow
CGC, APA WP 3, SchH B, Tracking Dog II
OFA Ex, OFA Heart/Elbows Normal, CERF
DOB 09.01.06

Boldog General Burkhalter
DOB 09.01.06

K9 Dilley
WSP Narcotics Detection Dog

DOB 09.01.06

Boldog Sligo
CGC, APA WP1, CL1-R, CL1-H, CL1-S, CL1-F

OFA Good Hips, OFA Heart Normal, CERF

DOB 03.23.07


Boldog Dirk
CGC, SchH III, FR Brevet
OFA Ex, OFA Patellas Normal, OFA Cardiac Normal, CERF

DOB 10.20.99
DOD 12.24.11

Sorrells' Dorito
Sorrells' Ginger Snap
IWPA WDS, IWPA Silver Medallist

Dirk's parents were straight from Bert Sorrells' yard. Let it be said that Dirk comes from "tested" stock and leave it at that. Dirk was very, very fortunate to leave that life behind; it grieves me to think of such an active, intelligent and playful dog living out his entire life on a chain with no mental stimulation. Lucky Dirk - his life is filled with work and play, as it should be.

From what I have seen of the Sorrells dogs they have one thing in common - a very steady, trustworthy temperament with humans. They tend to be a little "handler soft", especially the bitches, but that is appropriate for a powerful and determined animal in my opinion. We have seen what a pit bull can do when it is not mentally sound and friendly. Dirk was a bit of an exception: he had an ego as big as all outdoors and was as mentally tough as he was physically tough.

I originally took Dirk because I liked what I had seen of the line (despite some conformational issues) and I wanted to prove that a "gamebred" intact male American pit bull could be taken to the highest levels of dog training with "pure positive" (no leash corrections) training. In this I succeeded.

Dirk is all bulldog. First and foremost he adores people. He is physically very tough. He is strong, agile and athletic. He has superb prey/toy drive and passes it on to his offspring. And, best of all, he is a happy, fun loving life companion I consider myself VERY fortunate to have hooked up with. At ten years of age, he still jumps out of the van, grabs his leash and PULLS! He lives to work.

Dirk was euthanized after suffering a couple strokes on Christmas eve, 2011. We went for a last walk around a beaver pond and he walked. I don't remember ever having seen Damien walk. It was time. He died in my arms, as proud as ever, trying to lick the vet who was injecting him. A true bulldog to the end.

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