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Boldog General Burkhalter
B, CGC, TT, SchH I
DOB 09.01.06

Boldog Dirk, SchH III, French Ring Brevet, CGC,
OFA Ex, OFA Elbows Normal, OFA Heart Normal, OFA Patella Normal, CERF
K9 X Dog
Explosives Detection Dog with WA State Patrol
OFA Heart Normal, CERF

You are never too old to learn! Burkhalter taught me this and how. I've never been a big fan of puppy aptitude tests for the simple reason that most pups will show a wide range of responses over their first few weeks of age. Burkhalter showed me that in a well planned litter, you really can just "reach in and grab one" and your chances of getting a good one is better than average. I simply never thought puppy Burkhalter would be much of a working dog... he sat around like a big fat lump. Didn't show much aptitude to retrieve, the whole works. I neutered him and placed him in a pet home with a couple state troopers and their seven year old daughter.

Nobody told Burkhalter that he wasn't working quality... As he matured, he turned into a rather raw-boned but over-the-top driven young detection dog prospect. He quickly because too much for the family, who came to understand that a "high drive" dog is not always the best choice for a simple pet. They returned him to me and he took to schutzhund like a duck to water, with a hugely hard bite, super tracking drive and is a "toy monster" which makes obedience a snap.

Burkhalter was very lucky; Cyd Cross of Out of the Pits rescue thought of him when her good friend Suzanne, a serious schutzhund competitor was looking for a no-nonsense sport dog who would be great with her toddler son. Enter General Burkhalter! He adores Suzanne's son and Suzanne says she has seen nothing like him on the East coast (where she has been looking) as far as sport pit bulls go. So, everyone is happy! Thanks again Cyd!

Burkie is named after the character "General Burkhalter" on the classic TV show "Hogan's Heroes". As a pup, he looked just like the General!

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