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Boldog Damien
OFA Hip Prelim Good, OFA Cardiac Prelim Normal, CERF

DOB 08.14.09

Boldog Dirk, SchH III, French Ring Brevet, CGC,
OFA Ex, OFA Elbows Normal, OFA Heart Normal, OFA Patella Normal, CERF
Boldog SuperFreak, CGC
OFA Heart Normal, CERF

This litter is inbred on Dirk and it appears I have set Dirk's color, bomb-proof people-gentle temperament and high drives of the useful kind in his pups. In my quest to improve soundness in the Sorrells' line (Dirk is pure Sorrells) I can report that I have made significant improvements in fronts and rears. There is still work to do, as poor fronts, rears and feet are a "hallmark" of too many "gamebred" lines. I understood that going in and feel that with the continued professional evaluation help of world reknown author, judge, lecturer and expert on canine soundness, Pat Hastings, I can continue to improve soundness in a breed so desperately in need of attention in this area. Due to my health, this will be my last litter for the foreseeable future (or until I get additional assistace).

Damien represents the ultimate goal I had in mind when I set about this breeding program; a virtual clone of Dirk in strong temperament, type and drive. Damien I look forward to many fine days with this fine young dog. Damien is well along in his schutzhund training and pleases me more everyday.


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